Solve Your Gift-Giving Puzzles with Our Perfect Treat Boxes

From Self-Rewards to Heartfelt Surprises for Loved Ones – Our Chop Chop, Padi Padi, and Corporate Treat Boxes Have Your Perfect Gift Covered!

Finding the perfect gift for yourself, your friends, family, and colleagues during the holidays can be a head-scratcher. The struggle to pick something that brings smiles and warmth is real.

Ever had that feeling of not knowing what to get? It’s like trying to choose your favorite color – everything seems great! But you want something extraordinary, right? Picking out a gift for your pals, colleagues, and family that stands out can be like looking for a treasure in a sea of ordinary.

Say hello to our "Chop Chop Treat Boxes"

 -The perfect treat to reward yourself! Imagine opening a box full of delightful goodies crafted just for you. It’s like a surprise party for your taste buds!

₦‎9,000  ₦‎8,100

For your friends and family, we've got the "Padi Padi Treat Boxes"

 – a gift that’ll make them say, “Wow, you really know how to make me happy!” Share the joy with those you care about by giving them a box of delicious delights.

₦‎15,000  ₦‎13,000

Colleagues at work deserve something special too! Our
"Corporate Treat Boxes"

 are designed to bring smiles to your workplace. Show appreciation to your colleagues with a treat that says, “You’re awesome, and I’m grateful to have you on my team!

₦‎45,000  ₦‎35,000

And for family members who love the taste of home, our
"Naija Jollof Treat Boxes"

 are the answer. It’s like sending a piece of Nigeria’s warmth and flavor to your loved ones. Because nothing says love like a box filled with the goodness of Naija Jollof!

₦‎29,000  ₦‎26,100

Lagos Groove Treat Box

If you seek something to take to a small event or meeting, Lagos Groove Treat Box
is your best choice. It says so much with so little effort. Get the admiration of friends, family and staff when you show up with this delicious spread.

₦‎50,000  ₦‎45,000

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This holiday season, let our treat boxes solve your gift-giving puzzles. Simple, joyful, and packed with love – because everyone deserves a tasty treat!

With same-day delivery, Joyful Moments this holiday season is a one-click-away

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